BIG SPOTLIGHT: Ancient Ruins 2 icon


This game is a new remake of the old Ancient Ruins game. The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up, though it has many similarities. I will make the exact same aim, but with a different approach.


All in the included in the “History.txt” file.


Version 0.1.2 alpha

Version 0.2.0 alpha

Version 0.2.4 alpha

Version 0.3.0 alpha

Version 0.3.2 alpha

Version 0.3.6 alpha

Instructions: extract the “AncientRuins2_<a number>.zip” file and read the “controls (MUST READ).md” file. Open the “Ancient Ruins 2.<app for mac and linux, exe for windows>” file (execute it), and enjoy the game! If the window apears and the dissapears, go in the “options.txt” and turn the options to “custom”. Any problem concerning the downloading, or the game itself must be stated in the comments, so that I can optimize the game.

Screenshot of the week →


Terrain gen test. Terrain gen in 0.4.0 alpha!


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