Latest download can be found in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments! Also report any bugs that you encounter. Thank you in advance.

· Links

– AQUA Discord server

AQUA Kernel Github (2.X)

AQUA Kernel Github (1.X)

AQUA Official apps Github

AQUA Changelogs Github

· Docs

AQUA Layout

· Info

AQUA is a kernel and DE made in NASM, C, AQUABasic and AQUALayout. It focuses mainly on ease of use, speed and stability. Note that some features described below may not appear in current versions, but might in the future.

· UX

The apps are categorized into 4 drop-down menus. They can be accessed in the widgets page as well. The applications are normally full-screen, though they can be used and managed in a windowed mode.

· Graphics

The main theme is a “frosted glass” effect with some texture to it. Pretty much all layers have this effect. Elements also have a depth parameter, which means that elements “closer” to a layer are blurred less. This can be seen in an application opened from the desktop, where the power button on the bottom left is less blurred than the wallpaper.

· Application development

There are two ways of creating applications; you can either use AQUALayout which is a really high level language that allows the creation of applications that follow the main theme of the entire OS, or you can use AQUABasic which is useful for creating games and non-UI applications. You can write in both these languages with the Note applet in the applet bar.

· Eye candy (AQUA 2.X)

better bg.png

The About application, this is the general feel of AUI

hires calc.png

The calculator applet


The desktop with the shutdown dialog open

· Downloads

The most recent stable build of AQUA is AQUA 2.01.0 ( g ).

· Beta (AQUA 2.X)

AQUA 2.01.0 ( i ): 18th January 2018

AQUA 2.01.0 ( h ): 15th January 2018

AQUA 2.01.0 ( g ): 6th January 2018

AQUA 2.01.0 ( f ): 5th January 2018

AQUA 2.01.0 ( e ): 3rd January 2018

AQUA 2.01.0 ( d ): 25th November 2017

AQUA 2.01.0 ( c ) dev 2: 11th September 2017

AQUA 2.01.0 ( b ) dev 1: 1st September 2017

AQUA 2.01.0 ( a ): 12th August 2017

· AQUA 2.X

· AQUA 1.X

AQUA OS 1.5: 15th June 2017

AQUA OS 1.4: 31st May 2017

AQUA OS SVE 1.3: 14th May 2017

AQUA OS SVE 1.2 ( b ): 3rd May 2017

AQUA OS SVE 1.2: 1st May 2017

AQUA OS SVE 1.1: 9th April 2017

AQUA OS SVE 1.0: 7th April 2017

· Special

AQUA OS Laser: 27th May 2017

AQUA OS William: 12th January 2017

· Old

AQUA OS SVE LTS RC4: 20th January 2017

AQUA OS SVE LTS RC3: 19th January 2017

AQUA OS SVE LTS RC2: 11th January 2017 (identical to AQUA OS William)

– AQUA OS SVE LTS: Some time late 2016

 · Thank you

I’d like to say a special thanks to:

· OS Dev –

· Lowlevel –